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Enabling you to excel academically and beyond

Award Winner
At Flourishance Academy, we believe that education is not just about instruction, but about inspiration, empowerment and transformation.  
Our unique teaching methods are tailored to your learning style and goals, focusing on enhancing knowledge and skill acquisition while promoting learning and personal growth. Our academic coaching approach is designed to help students overcome obstacles and develop the skills necessary to excel in their studies and be self-sufficient learners. By working closely with our students, we aim to empower them to absorb, advance and apply knowledge more effectively. 
With us, you can expect to see real improvements in your academic abilities, as well as your overall approach to learning. With our support, you will experience a seamless and effective learning process that will enable you to progress quickly and confidently in your academic journey. 

Academic Coaches help learners develop and improve their academic success skills.

Epps, M. T. (2015). Coaching a winning team: Academic coaching strategies for academically at-risk students. University at Buffalo, The State University of New York, Buffalo, NY.

Proven Success: 100% grade improvement

Our coaches not only help students with subject-specific coaching but also skills and strategies that allows them to be effective across all subjects and helping them become confident and independent learners.​​

A Different Approach to Learning

Using the latest insights into how the brain works, we adopt a brain and behavioural based approach to create powerful, positive and transformational changes for our clients.

Customized ​
Learning Plans

Our dedicated and committed coaches are driven to establish personalized sessions, shaping teaching around the way different students learn, taking the care to nurture the unique talents of every individual.

Reliable & Expert Guidance

All our coaches are trained and experienced instructors who provide high quality coaching that is responsive to the different ways students achieve their best.

What Is academic coaching?

More than just tutoring, academic coaching equips students with the tools and strategies that empower them to become self-directed, confident learners who thrive academically and beyond.

Role of an academic coach

Our academic coaches develop overall learning skills and strategies, including organisation, time management, test-taking strategy, note-taking strategy, study habits, overcoming procrastination, and go over a test.

Coaching OR teaching OR tutoring?

Our academic coaching approach is a combination of teaching, tutoring, and coaching.

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